Damijan servis Uroš Kos s.p. is a family-owned business with a long tradition. Since 1992 we provide and take care of your bicycles.  A wide variety of bikes and spare parts make an easy choice even for the most demanding customers of used bicycles.


Mamachari bicycles

We offer you the unique Japanese Mamachari bikes that are best suited for a city ride. Mamachari bicycles are very comfortable and practical. They are suitable for anyone – young or elderly, women or men, students, businessmen or businesswomen, mothers or fathers. Bicycles are maintained and cleaned before sale. Each bike has a 3-month warranty.


Why Mamachari?

The upright position in cycling and standard accessories, such as baskets, racks, mudguards, locks, chain protectors and dynamo lights are much more suitable for an average urban cyclist than expensive sport bicycles produced by the major manufacturers. Price, hard structure, accessories are just some of the features of Mamachari bikes. The most outstanding is their affordability.